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Christmas in July

Warehouse Liquidation Auction!

Saturday, July 10th at 5:00PM
Preview at 3:00PM

This is the first auction at our new building, so that we can clear out and make space to begin our full renovation. Come see us, check out our new buildings, say hello, and take home a few treasures. We have missed everyone and are looking forward to seeing you all! The photos are just a sneak peek, there is so much more, and we will be posting a live video mid week!

We have Local Pride Food Truck coming out and setting up for the public. Show your support and enjoy some delicious Old School, Minorcan and Southern Classic Cuisine. Visit them on their Facebook page Facebook.com/localpridefoodtruck

Local Pride Food Truck

301 N. Main Street, Hastings, FL 32145

No Reserves Or Minimums!

AB2597/BP 10-13%