We’re all familiar with the concept of a high-end auction: One-of-a-kind clothing, art, and jewelry is put up for bidding at places like Christie’s and Sotheby’s, sold to the bidder with the biggest pockets and fastest hands. But what about the lesser-known, yet still invaluable items up for sale? In other words, how much would you pay for William Shatner’s kidney stone?

Below are 21 bizarre and questionable items that were sold at auction for big, big dollars. You won’t believe how much people will pay for the more random slices of pop culture and history.

#1. The first Superman comic, which auctioned for $3.2 million.

#2. This Star Wars spaceship model was put up for auction and sold for $450,000.

#3. Roger Bannister’s running shoes (the ones he wore while running a four-minute mile) auctioned for a cool $411,493.

#4. Willie Nelson’s braids sold for $37,000.

#5. The violin that played as the Titanic sank was recovered, and recently auctioned for $1.7 million.

#6. Lee Harvey Oswald’s wedding ring brought in quite a surprising sum at auction: $118,000

#7. This giant elephant bird egg brought in $100,000.

#8. A 65-year-old slice of Royal Wedding cake sold for $925.

#9. Monica Lewinsky’s lingerie, the stuff she reportedly wore during her affair with Clinton, sold for $12,000.

#10. Han Solo’s blaster gun brought in an unsurprising $200,000.

#11. Warren Buffett’s autographed Cadillac sold for $122,500.

#12. Star Trek actor William Shatner’s kidney stone – yes, kidney stone – went for $25,000 at auction.

#13. The iconic Orange Ballon Dog by artist Jeff Koons auctioned for $58.4 million.

#14. This stunning Clark Sickle leaf carpet might not look rare, but it sold at auction for $33.7 million.

#15. An extraordinary Huanghuali plank-top pedestal table actually sold for a whopping $9 million.

#16. Twelve bottles of the rare 1978 Romanee-Conti wine went up for auction at $474,000.

#17. The Pope’s Holy Harley sold for $52,000, and we’re just sad he doesn’t ride it anymore.

#18. Part of the Eiffel Tower spiral staircase sold for $90,000.

#19. You could have lunch with Ben Bernanke – if you had $70,500 to spare.

#20. The suit worn by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi actually sold for $691,890.

#21. Benito Mussolini’s Alfa Romeo auctioned for a reasonable $2.1 million.