Bidder Information

Welcome to Our Auction!  We appreciate you attending, and want this to be a wonderful experience for you! Please do not feel intimidated if this is your first auction, as we will be happy to walk you through the process and make sure you have a great time!

Everything is sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” with No Guarantees, Representations or Warranties. We encourage all bidders to thoroughly inspect every item that you wish to bid on. It is the Bidders responsibility to determine age, condition, authenticity, value, etc. Written and oral descriptions are our opinions only, and should in no way be constructed as a guarantee or warranty of any kind. While we do our best to represent items honestly, and fairly, we are not experts in any field.  We want you to be happy with the items that you buy, so please be sure to inspect them to your satisfaction.

It is very easy to bid on items in our auction. You must be 18 years of age to bid, hold a valid Drivers License, and fill out our Registration Form.  Once you have initially registered, your information will stay in our system, and each subsequent time you will just show your ID to get a new bidders card.  You will be assigned a new bidder number each time that you register.

We charge a 10% Buyers Premium for Purchases made with cash or check and a 13% Buyers Premium with Credit Card/Debit Purchases. We accept Personal & Business Checks with Proper Identification. Any check purchases over $500 will require a Credit Card Validation at the cashiers discretion, or funds verification. We accept Visa, Master Card,  Discover & American Express. All items must be paid in full on the day of sale and you will have 24 to 48 hours to pick up your items. All sales are subject to Florida Sales Tax unless a Completed and Current Florida Sales Tax Exempt Certificate of Resale is on file at the time of Registration. I am sorry but there can be No Exceptions!

Please Note: On Vehicle Purchases, we do not accept Credit or Debit Cards.

 In the event that you cannot make it to a sale, we do allow you to leave an Absentee Bid, and we will bid on your behalf up to your maximum.  We will not automatically start at your highest bid, but will follow the increments of the in house bidding up to your maximum bid.  If there are multiple absentee bidders, we will start the bidding at the next increment above the lower of the two bidders maximums.

We do not want to miss your bids, so please be certain to bid clearly.  You may raise your hand, your bid card, or in any other fashion that you feel comfortable to get our attention.  If we do not see you, please try to get our attention, as we do not want to miss your bid.

We value your opinions and feedback.  If you ever have concerns or questions, please come to us, or email us.  This is how we grow as a business.  If you have an amazing experience, please tell a friend.  If you have a not so great experience, please tell us, and give us the opportunity to make it stellar.

Terms We May Use:

Times the Money ~ This means that your bid amount will be multiplied by the number of items in the set, and that you must take the entire set.  For instance, if there is a set of 4 Barstools, and we sell Times the Money and you bid at $100.00 each, you must take all 4, so your final bid amount for the set would be $400.00

Choice ~ This means that you have the option to take as many as you like of the items we are selling, and your bid amount is multiplied by the number of items you take.  For instance, if there are 4 Barstools, we are selling choice, if you bid $100 each, and decide to take 2 of the 4, then your total bid price would be $200.00.  We would then sell the remaining 2 Barstools, and the next person has the option to buy the remaining ones.  We may then offer the remaining ones to the backup bidder for the same price, or we may re-auction them.

All for One Money ~  This means that you are getting the entire set for one bid amount.  For instance, if there is a set of 4 Barstools and we are selling them all for one money, then if you bid $100, then you will get the entire set of 4 for $100.00.

Subject to Confirmation ~ This will be disclosed before bidding begins, and means that the purchase is not final until it is confirmed by the auctioneer.  This method is used in instances where we may be selling a 5 Piece Bedroom Set.  We may first sell the Set by Choice to allow the customers to bid on a single piece in the event they do not want the entire set.  Once we have sold each piece individually, we will add up the total of the bid amounts for each of the 5 items, i.e. $100 each piece times 5, equals $500.00.  We will then offer the set “all for one money”, and if someone bids at least one increment above the $500 that we received selling them separately, the lot will then sell as a set.  If no one is willing to bid at least $500 for the set, then the bidders that won on each individual item will win the lots at their original bid price.  This is a way to make sure each person has the opportunity to purchase the items in the way in which they prefer, and ultimately whichever method garners a higher bid price will determine in which way it is sold.

For Vehicle Purchases:

When you purchase a vehicle, you must pay for the vehicle the day of the sale.  We accept Cash or Checks (with verified funds).  To Verify funds for a check you may print off a bank statement from your computer up to 48 hours prior to the sale, you may bring your bank statement up on your phone for us to view, or you may provide a letter from you bank verifying the amount of your purchase price.

We will handle the title work for you purchase, and charge a $65 Dealer Admin Fee for this Service.  Once you fill out your paperwork, you will receive your title in the mail from DMV within 30 days.  We do not release open titles, you must have the title transferred by us into your name the same day as the sale.  Please register in the name that you want the vehicle titled in.

If you choose to purchase a tag, we will provide you with a temp tag, good for up to 30 days.  When your tag comes in, you may pick it up from one of our two locations in Jacksonville or Saint Augustine.  In the event that you chose not to tag your vehicle, you must have the vehicle towed.  We will have you sign an affidavit stating as such, and we will verify it is actually being towed, and not driven.

For Firearms Purchases:

You must be 18 to Purchase a Long Gun and 21 to Purchase a Handgun.  We charge $8.00 to handle your background check.  Everyone must go through a background check, regardless if you have a concealed carry permit or not.  If you have a concealed weapons permit, you will not have a 3 day wait on the handguns.  If you do not have a concealed carry permit, there will be a 3 day wait on handguns.