If you’re a probate lawyer tasked with selling an entire estate, you have a big job ahead of you – but Great Expectations Auction & Estate Sales can help.

What We Do for Probate Attorneys and Their Clients

Great Expectations Auction & Estate Sales is a fully licensed real estate brokerage, which means we can sell your client’s probate property through a traditional listing or auction. We’ll also ship, store or move any of the items that family members wish to keep, and we’ll research, appraise, clean and prepare each item in the estate to ensure they’re priced properly. If your clients don’t want some items, we can donate or properly dispose of them, as well.


In many cases, items need an accurate appraisal to ensure they’re sold for what they’re worth. That’s true whether they’re sold through an estate sale or through an auction.

Cleaning and Preparation for Sale

Many items bring a higher price if they’re properly cleaned and displayed for sale. Our team handles that for your clients so they don’t have to worry about potentially damaging items or figuring out the best possible way to display them.

Why Working With an Estate Sale and Auction Company is Best for Your Clients

For many people whose parents have passed away, dealing with the estate is one of the last things they want to do. It’s incredibly difficult for most families to part with a loved one’s belongings, particularly because they’re already dealing with loss. Working with an estate sale and auction company helps remove the emotional and psychological difficulties associated with selling a home and a loved one’s possessions.

As a probate attorney, working with an estate sale and auction company can help your clients sell their loved one’s possessions quickly and efficiently, which minimizes disputes over who gets what and can enable them to divide proceeds fairly.

A Word on Pricing

Many items family members sell have sentimental value attached to them – but sentimental value doesn’t always equate to financial value. However, working with experts who have experience with appraisals and proper pricing, particularly with high-value or rare items can make a tremendous difference in the amount of money your clients bring in from the sale.

Do You Need to Talk to an Estate Sale Expert for Your Clients?

We’ll be happy to answer your questions about how we work and how they’ll benefit your clients. Please call us at 904-806-4274 or stop by one of our upcoming estate sales in Jacksonville or a nearby community to learn more.